Executive Producer

Bob Chitester is founder and president of Free To Choose Network and its production and educational initiatives Free To Choose Media and  With more than 40 years of experience creating programs and series for public television and as former president of the Erie public television station WQLN, Bob Chitester continues to be creatively involved in the creation of programs and series for Free To Choose Media and

In partnership with his colleague Tom Skinner (senior executive producer at Free To Choose Media) Bob has served as executive producer for The Power of Choice: the Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman (on PBS), The Ultimate Resource (American Public Television), The Power of the Poor (PBS), Globalization at the Crossroads with Hernando de Soto, and Turmoil and Triumph: The George Shultz Years, a three-part documentary series for PBS, Free or Equal, Testing Milton Friedman, Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives, Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring, Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools, Power to the People and India Awakes.

In 1980 Bob Chitester brought Milton Friedman to public television and was responsible as executive producer for Friedman’s landmark PBS series Free To Choose and the best-selling book that emanated from the series. 

Bob Chitester holds BA and MA degrees from The University of Michigan and has received an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Allegheny College.

On the personal level, he pursues physical fitness (running, biking, weight training), indulges in wood and clay sculpture, reads poetry publicly, hunts once a year with his son and grandsons and enjoys sing along with his family, when he is not flying about in airplanes as part of his responsibilities at Free To Choose Network.  Bob and his wife, Carol, have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, one of whom they raised from age 3 months.

Executive Producer

Tom Skinner is executive producer of all Free To Choose Media productions.

Tom is an award-winning television and film executive producer, most notably of the National Geographic specials and Planet Earth. He is an experienced innovator and administrator with a solid academic background, and extensive national and international production credentials in public and commercial television.

From 1970 through 1993, Tom Skinner served as vice-president, executive vice-president, and chief operating officer of QED Communications, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1993, he left to pursue opportunities in independent production for A&E, Discovery and Turner Broadcasting. From 1994 through 1999, he was vice president for programming at Resolution Productions.

Prior to his tenure at QED Communications, Tom was assistant manager at WITF-TV in Hershey, Pennsylvania and associate professor of Radio and Television and executive producer at San Diego State University. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including: four national Emmy Awards, three George Foster Peabody Awards, and a Columbia/DuPont Award; and was director of the Academy Award-winning film Journey Into Self.

Tom holds a BA degree in Speech and Education from the State University of New York, Fredonia; an MA in Communications from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Communications and Theatre from The University of Michigan.

Tom is married to Marlis Mann of Leland, Michigan; he has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Director / Director of Photography

Jim Taylor is a founder and partner of Resolution Productions, Inc. and has been in film and video production for over 25 years.  He has been the Director of Photography for all of the company's productions, first in 16 and 35 mm film and today in Hi-Def Video.

In 1996, he was the Director of Photography of Battleship, for the Discovery Network, and in 1995 he was the DP for Floating Palaces, a history of the ocean liner, produced for and broadcast on A&E. He was also the DP for a Turner Network documentary, Legends in Light, on the life of Hollywood photographer George Hurrell. Other projects have included California and the Dream Seekers and The Story of Money, both four-hour specials, commissioned by A&E.

His many awards include a Gold C.A.S.E. (Council for the Advancement of Secondary Education) award, a Golden Screen Award for HUD’s Enterprise Zones in America, and first place in the Houston International Film Festival.  His cinematography work on the "Pets: Part of the Family" series was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Jim is Director /Director of Photography for Free to Choose Media, on Ultimate Resource, an award winning one-hour special, two documentaries about economist, Hernando de Soto entitled: The Power of the Poor and Globalization at the CrossroadsFree or Equal, a documentary featuring the ideas of Johan Norberg, Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring, with Hernando de Soto and most recently, Power to the People, being broadcast in 2015.


Barbara Potter is a founder and partner of Resolution Productions, Inc. and has been in video production for over 25 years. She has been the producer or field producer for all of the company's productions, from national television commercials to broadcast series and specials.

Some of these productions include Battleship for the Discovery Network, Floating Palaces, California and the Dream Seekers and The Story of Money, produced for and broadcast on A&E.  She has been the field producer of The Ultimate Resource, The Power of the Poor and Globalization at the Crossroads, produced for Free To Choose Network and broadcast on public television.

As the producer of Free to Choose’s Testing Milton Friedman she worked with WTTW, Chicago on all aspects of the production and postproduction for the three part series. She was recently a producer of Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring, and is the producer of Power to the People, a program on global energy, being broadcast in 2015.

Producer, Writer

Roger Brown is the Producer/Writer for The Power of the Poor with Hernando de Soto, a two-hour documentary project featuring economist and property rights activist, Hernando de Soto of Peru.  Roger holds a Masters degree from Northwestern University and is a 20-year veteran of documentary and specialty film/videotape production.  Roger has been the Producer/Writer for eighteen individual films for the National Geographic Society, several segments for Discovery Health and the Discovery prime time special The Secret World of Air Freight.  His corporate clients, for which he has produced many hours of custom visual material, have included the National Safety Council, The Field Museum in Chicago, the Puerto Rico National Parks and McDonalds Restaurants among others.

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